— by Bob Jacobson — Wanting to hear some Dixieland music, which seems to be in short supply in the Baltimore area, I went on Sunday, February 25th at 5 p.m. to hear the Starvation Army Band at An die Musik. | Read more>>
— by Brandon Block — Like many jazz bands, the Blues in the Night Orchestra is dedicated to the memory of a beloved bandleader. That leader was Richard Rice, the saxophonist who started the band in 2010 and passed away from cancer in 2013. | Read more>>
Benefit Concert in Support of the Dorsey Family
Join Contemporary Arts Inc., CA-FAM III, Inc./Be Mo Jazz, Eubie Blake Center, Baltimore Jazz House, Inc., B Sharp Summer Music Academy, and the Baltimore Jazz Alliance for special benefit concert in support of the Dorsey family, who experienced a devastating fire in January. | Read more>>
— by Brandon Block — Blue Moon Big Band Celebrates 20 Swinging Years In the spring of 1998, Robert and Teresa Leonard took out a second mortgage on their home in Taneytown, MD. They needed the money because they were starting a big band, like the nineteen-piece swing bands they loved growing up, with names like Glenn Miller and Count Basie. | Read more>>
— by Bob Jacobson — Formerly The Royal Knights of Jazz Orchestra, begun in 1994, The Big Band Theory of Baltimore is a non-profit that has been led by 37-year-old Melissa Zimmerman since 2014, when she took over from her father. | Read more>>