The Dynamic Album Project: Live in Baltimore

The Dynamic Album Project: Live in Baltimore

“This year”, notes the brochure for the Dynamic Album Project, “marks the first year that revenue from streaming services … surpass the sales of CDs and vinyl records.” Dan Rorke — founder of The Dynamic Album Project — then asks “Why aren’t we utilizing [these] services to push the envelope further?” Just as LPs gave rise to longer tracks and concept albums, and CDs eliminated the concept of sides, extending the consecutive play time further, modern digital delivery systems offer many possibilities for expanding what it means to create an album, and so far, many of these ideas have yet to be explored to any great extent. | Read more>>
Blues for Tahrir

Todd Marcus’s Journey to Egypt Through Baltimore

Baltimore-based bass clarinetist, composer, and bandleader Todd Marcus has mastered his own destiny with his latest release, Blues For Tahrir (Hipnotic). On this new release, Marcus and his Jazz Orchestra hit all the crucial marks for ensemble playing and expressive improvisation to bring these compositions to life. | Read more>>
No Words (Seth Kibel)

No Words: Instrumental Jazz and Klezmer

Seth Kibel, a winner of multiple Wammie (Washington Area Music Association) awards who was featured in the Artist Profile in last month’s newsletter, has released his ninth CD, titled No Words, on Azalea City Recordings. As the title suggests, all the tracks are instrumentals, and all Kibel’s. | Read more>>