Charles Funn, director of the Dunbar Alumni Jazz Band (DAJB), does not remember when the band started, but he remembers how it started. Several alumni of Baltimore City’s Dunbar High School had gone off to colleges where the jazz big bands’ music was less satisfying than what they had played under Funn’s direction at Dunbar. | Read more>>
Band leader Don Arnold possesses a wry sense of humor. When I mentioned the large number of big bands in the Baltimore area—thirty-three—he commented, “No wonder there’s no work.” Arnold, 91, remembers when big band work was plentiful around Baltimore, at the Surf Club on Route 40 and The Dutch Mill on Harford Road. | Read more>>
Dr. Phill is drummer, band leader and music educator Phill Butts. He explains that his motivation for starting this band in 2011 was to fill the void left by his retirement, after directing big bands at Arundel High School for 40 years. | Read more>>
— by Bob Jacobson — In October, 2017 the Dave Tucker-John Blount Big Band suffered a huge loss with the death of its co-leader, trumpeter John Blount. The band’s determination to continue is reflected in its new name, Dave Tucker & the Roaring Big Band. | Read more>>
New World Outreach Orchestra
Trumpeter Scott Stansfield heard Stan Kenton’s big band at Towson State College in 1983, when he was in sixth grade. In his subsequent school report Stansfield vowed to have a band like that someday. Two years ago he fulfilled his dream by starting the Melting Pot Big Band. | Read more>>