It is with much regret that we announce the cancellation of the Baltimore Jazz Fest 2017. Many factors went into this decision — including, of course, the difficulty in obtaining funds. BJA was committed to making this a free event, and also one that paid fair wages to its performers; as you probably know, we are an all-volunteer organization with limited time, and ultimately we had to make the decision that while it may have been possible to continue to cut corners and present a smaller and more community-based event, it just did not seem to a good use of our limited time. | Read more>>
Baltimore Center Stage present "Jazz"
By Ian Rashkin and Rená Sweetwine Ian: If you’re noticing signs and posters advertising Jazz at Center Stage, you might be wondering how this new play — based on the book by Toni Morrison — related to you as a music lover. | Read more>>
The Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance is continuing its 15th Anniversary celebration with a Happy Hour in partnership with the Baltimore Jazz Alliance at the Pete Rawlings Conservatory. Come enjoy drinks and light fare with GBCA members and friends as we continue to celebrate the artists and organizations who help elevate our community. | Read more>>
–By Bob Jacobson & Ian Rashkin Most retirees who leave Baltimore head for warmer climes. BJA founder Barry Glassman, who recently shocked many with news of his impending move, is no exception. But Barry will not be moving to Florida or Arizona. | Read more>>
—By Liz Fixsen Surely many a jazz singer first coming to a jam session has experienced something like this exchange: “Can I sign up to sing a couple of songs?” “We don’t have a microphone.” “I brought my own.” “We don’t have an extra amplifier jack.” “I brought an amp.” “We don’t play in non-standard keys.” “I brought charts.” “We don’t use charts.” There are some jams that might as well just post a sign, “No Singers Allowed.” Others are fairly welcoming, although it’s clear that the band would far rather be jamming on “Witch Hunt” or “Isotope” than on “Pennies from Heaven,” and eyeballs roll if you step up to the mic and start crooning, “My Funny Valentine” or, God forbid, “Summertime.” But 30 miles from downtown Baltimore, in the heart of historic Annapolis, you’ll find Starr’s Jazz Jam. | Read more>>