Saturday, January 23 2021

Obasi Akoto's Oceanic Jazz Orchestra: "The Promise"

Ushering in a new year and a new era, Obasi Akoto’s Oceanic Jazz Orchestra’s Chamber Group presents “The Promise,” an eclectic and adventurous concert from the legendary Keystone Korner, broadcast on January 23, 2021.

Led by bassist and composer Obasi Akoto (formerly Steve Kirby), this adventurous jazz/classical chamber remix features Warren Wolf on vibraphone, Eric Kennedy on drums, Tim Green on alto saxophone, Grant Langford on tenor saxophone, John Lee on guitar, and Akoto’s wife and longtime collaborator Anna-Lisa Kirby on vocals. Special guests include timpanist Donnie Johns, Trombonist Reginald Cyntje, Flutist Jamal Brown, Percussion and reed man Jamal Moore and spoken word artist Eze Jackson.

Bringing together musicians from both jazz and classical backgrounds, diverse instruments which ordinarily don’t mix, and compositions that borrow from jazz, folk, rock, hip hop, baroque, electronic, tango, and other musical traditions, the Oceanic Jazz Orchestra (OJO) embodies a bold vision: at its core, it is about connection, collaboration, and a genuine celebration of contemporary America in all its endless variety. One hundred years ago, jazz emerged out of a stubborn refusal of musicians to segregate. It’s time again to allow that kind of synergy to blaze a new musical path. “The Promise” is all about that path.

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Location: KEYSTONE KORNER BALTIMORE 1350 Lancaster St. Baltimore MD 21231 410-946-6726

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